Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to overclock your CPU?

Want to overclock your CPU to its optimum performance?
If your answer is yes, then this segment will probably help you...

Now, before you're going to overclock the CPU, just make sure your system is built for overclocking.
Let's say, you have the right power supply, CPU cooler (third party coolers, or water cooling system), motherboard ready for clocking, RAM with a heat spreader is recommended, and a case with good airflow. Then i'm posting this link for you to watch, this is a video made by one of the Most Valuable Professionals in the field of computers...

or, if you're using an AMD processor you can use this third party overclocking tool, just make sure that you are quite acquainted with the proper way to overclock by reading the link above... It is for free from AMD, so no worries. Again, just  make sure your system is ready for overclocking. I'm posting this link for you guys to get the AMD overdrive.


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