Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free up unused files in your computer!

There might be a lot of temporary files already stored in your system. To free up this unused files, I recommend CCleaner. It is a third party application that cleans temporary files in the registry that you are not going to use, it also cleans up your online history thus freeing up valuable hard disk space. Hence, your system (Windows) will run faster.

Here's the link for you to download the latest version as of today:

Now, there are a lot of neat settings you can do with this software depending on your preference. At this point, I will teach you how to properly configure it (depends on your preference).

For my preference, as you open the application, you will see under the windows tab, advanced.
Under advanced are unchecked options (default). As for me, I checked everything except Windows Size/Location Cache and Wipe Free Space.

I only check Wipe Free Space during maintenance. And I check off, Windows Size/Location Cache since I set up my browser to my preference and this option will revert the settings back to default.

How to use it:

  • Just select Analyze. Wait for it to finish the analysis.
  • After analyzing, select Run Cleaner
  • Under Cleaner, you will see a tab that says Registry.
  • Select on it. 
  • Then, select Scan for Issues.
  • After it is done scanning, if it has issues, then select Fix selected issues...
  • Then, it will prompt you to back up changes to the registry.
  • Select No.
  • Then, select Fix issue or Fix all issues. Then select Close.
  • When it's done, go back to the 5th bullet until there are no more issues!

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