Friday, September 25, 2009

Tweaking your pc for faster shutdown...

So to tweak your pc's for faster shutdown... Here's what you have to do...

Click on start menu.
Select run. From there, key in regedit. Then, the registry editor pops-up.
Then, expand SYSTEM. Under SYSTEM, expand CurrentControlSet.
Then click on Control. At the right hand side, you will see a key that says, WaitToKillServiceTimeout.
Right click on it and select Modify.
There you will see the default value which is 5000.
Now change that to 400 and click OK.

Then your good. Reboot your pc and Happy tweaking!

If you have some comments or suggestions just feel free to express it...  Cheers!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get more out of your ATI cards...

So long as you get the latest ATI catalyst drivers for your ATI graphics card, you will be able to tweak it using the ATI overdrive. To use it, just go to ATI overdrive.
There you will see a tab that says Auto-Tune...
Select it. Your card will automatically tweak itself to a tolerable core clock and memory clock rates that your system will allow.
Then another thing that is very important. Do not forget to change the fan settings.
Do not configure the fan settings as automatic. Rather, do change it manually  by checking the Enable Manual Fan Control and sliding it up to 90-95% so that you won't get wrong...

Happy Tweaking!

Latest and greatest single GPU...

If you're looking for a single GPU that is the latest and greatest. The new ATI HD 4890 is available on the market guys! So for those of you who wants to get it. I recommend you get the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4890. May it be overclocked version or just the stock version. So for some details I'm showing you the specifications or specs of SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100269-2GVXL Radeon HD 4890 2GB 256-bit:

InterfacePCI Express 2.0 x16
Chipset ManufacturerATI
GPURadeon HD 4890
Core Clock870MHz
Stream Processors800 Stream Processing Units
Memory Clock1050MHz
Memory Size2GB
Memory Interface256-bit
Memory TypeGDDR5
DirectXDirectX 10.1
OpenGLOpenGL 2.0
Max Resolution2560 x 1600
CrossFire SupportedYes
CoolerWith Fan
System Requirements500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)
Power Connector6 pin / 8 pin
Dual-Link DVI SupportedYes
HDCP ReadyYes
FeaturesAward winning Vapor-X Cooler with heatpipe, silent and powerful
Sapphire patent pending Black Diamond Choke
Full solid cap design
Package Contents100269-2GVXL
User's Manual
Driver CD
DVI to HDMI Adapter
CrossFire Bridge
Power Cable

In case you want to know the price, its around $255 in

For pictures of the said card you can view it using this link:,14-102-847-S02,14-102-847-S03,14-102-847-S04,14-102-847-S05,14-102-847-S06&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16814102847&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=SAPPHIRE%20Vapor-X%20100269-2GVXL%20Radeon%20HD%204890%202GB%20256-bit%20GDDR5%20PCI%20Express%202.0%20x16%20HDCP%20Ready%20CrossFire%20Supported%20Video%20Card

Faster boot-up...

There are three different tweaks that we are going to apply here to decrease the time it takes your computer to boot up. 

First, just make sure that on the bios configuration, your hard disk is the priority in your boot settings.

Secondly, we go to the MSconfiguration. To do that, click the start button, then click run, and key in, msconfig and hit enter.
There are lots of tabs that you will see from there, now click Boot.ini
Under that, you can see Timeout 30 sec. as the default settings. Now change that to 3 secs.
Then click the tab that says startup.
There you can see the applications that runs together with windows as you boot up.
I want you to uncheck the apps that for you does not need to be there. Take for example the ctfmon, GrooveMonitor,Wcescomm, and etc.
On the other way around, you can leave the app for sidebars if you want your sidebars to appear as soon as you start windows or any antivirus that you want active as soon as windows starts.
Then click apply and close.
After that, a dialog box will appear prompting you to restart or exit without restart.
For now just choose exit without restart to proceed to the last step.

So the last  step is going to the registry and tweak it a bit.
In so doing, just click on the start menu and click run.
Then, key in regedit and hit enter. It will take you to the registry editor.
Now, I want you to expand on HKey_Local Machine.
And under that, you can see SYSTEM. Expand it.
Under SYSTEM, you can see CurrentControlSet. Expand it.
Under CurrentControlSet, you can see control. Expand it.
Under control, you can see ContentIndex. Select it by clicking it once.
By doing so, you can see keys on the right hand side.
Now, look for the key that says StartupDelay. Right click on it and select modify.
Then a dialog box will appear. Now in there, you select Decimal which is at the lower right portion.
Then you will see a value that says 48000 which is the default value.
Change that value to 40000. And you're done!
Just click on Ok, and reboot your PC...

Here's the address of the registry that we are looking for, in case you want to refer:


Feel the difference on your boot-up speed!

Happy Tweaking!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The latest and greatest web browser...

As of today, the latest and greatest web browser available that sweeps safari, opera, firefox and other browsers off is the latest beta version of Google Chrome. So for those of you guys who want to get it, you can do so by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Want to tweak your Palit graphics card? (Vtune and VDOTool)

If you are tired of the default settings of your graphics cards from palit, they provided a third party software that allows you to tweak your card hassle free. There are two of them, any of the two may do.

It's the Vtune and the VDOTool, once you've installed it, just right click on your desktop and from there, at the uppermost portion of the options, you will see either the Vtune or the VDOTool tab depending on what you've installed.

Then, just select it and from there, you choose the option performance, there you can see sliders just increase the sliders by 5-10 and then try each settings.
You will know you've reach the maximum performance of your card because it automatically hinders you to tweak it some more by displaying lines or requesting you to reboot your pc. Then most importantly, don't forget the fan settings.
Once you are in there, manually adjust the fan speed at 90-95%, then you're good.

And hey guys don't worry, the software is for free. If you guys want to get it, I posted the link below...

Tweaking the virtual memory....

First, your virtual memory is composed mainly of your paging file which is hidden on your hard drives and your physical memory installed(Hardware). Now, for us to tweak the virtual memory, we will increase the paging 1.5x the physical memory installed.

So here's how to do it.

Select my computer, right click on it, then go to properties.
Then click the tab advanced, in there you can see under performance, settings.
Select on settings, then you can see another tab advanced.
Select on it once again, and below it says virtual memory, below it, there is the tab change, select change.
Once you're in there, select custom size, then on the initial size, key in the 1.5x your physical memory(currently installed RAM), then copy the same numbers to the maximum size.

Just remember that it is based on MB or megabytes. So for example, if you have 2 gigs of RAM, that is approximately 2048 megs. multiply it by 1.5, you will have a quotient of 3072 megs. Now that is what you will key in for the initial and maximum size.

Therefore, your total virtual memory that will be used by your computer is 5 gigs. So enjoy multitasking...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Want to increase performance of your pc?

Well, for those using microsoft windows xp, any version may do. All you have to do is right click my computer, then go to properties, then on the lower right side corner you can see there a tab that says advanced. Select it once, then under performance you have settings, as you select it, you can see those options which do have checks. This is the trick, you uncheck everything except for two: Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop and the other one is use visual styles on windows and buttons.

Another option you have is directly selecting the tab, adjust for best performance, in this case, your recent theme will be replaced by the basic theme that windows has.

You may reboot your pc and experience the difference. Enjoy! and I hope you enjoyed this tweak!