Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to pin your Recycle Bin on the taskbar for Windows 7 users...

Want to pin your Recycle Bin on your taskbar for easy access? Here's another tip for Windows 7 users out there...

Here's how:
  • From your desktop, right click on it and select New then Shortcut
  • And in that shortcut, key in "explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder" (excluding the parenthesis)
  • Then click Next and you can type a name for this shortcut, whatever you want to name it
  • Then click Finish
  • From there, it actually created a shortcut which you can drag and drop to your taskbar but if you want to pimp it and change the icon, you may do so by right clicking on the shortcut that you've created
  • Then go Properties, and select Change Icon from the tab that pops out
  • There you can select different shortcut icons and look for the icon that's closer to a trash bin
  • After selecting it, just click OK, then Apply, and finally OK
  • Then finally, drag and drop it to your taskbar 
There you go... you can access it anytime and enjoy!