Saturday, October 31, 2009

EasyBCD 1.7.2 (bootloader and a bootloader management tool)...

Hello guys! If you are fan of having dual boot or tripple boots, then here's a tool for you to manage your boot-up. This is the EasyBCD version 1.7.2, it is the latest as of the posting date. This will allow you to change the name or title , sequence, or find the OS (Operating System) that you installed in your boot up. Take for example, you have Linux installed and you can't find it in your boot-up. Then, you can use this tool to help you locate it. It will scan the hard drive for any Operating System installed (e.g. Linux).

Mind you, this is a powerful tool that is not limited only to the above mentioned. So if you're not sure of what you're doing, then you might as well stay away with it to prevent any disaster.

I hope you will enjoy it, and here's the link for you:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Patriot Extreme Performance Gamer Series- DDR3 memory...

Today we're going to look at the Black edition ready Patriot Extreme Gaming series DDR3 memory which is made especially for AMD. When we say black edition, it means it has the capacity to be overclocked and can handle such stress. This high performance DDR3 memory has neat features:

  • Extreme performance PC3-12800 (1600MHz)
  • Low Latency (7-7-7-20) and low voltage at 1.7 volts
  • It has lightweight aluminum heat spreaders
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • RoHS Compliant
Now, the lower the latency, the faster these memory works. For comparison purposes, you can change the latency to 9-9-9-24 and increase the voltage to 1.8 volts. So as not to confuse you guys, 7-7-7-20 is faster than 9-9-9-24, the purpose of doing this to allow you to compare it with other RAMs from Corsair, OCZ or Kingston.

To jump the gun, as for the DD3 Latency comparison results(which is at 9-9-9-24 and at 1.8 volts) this memory (Patriot G-series) has a result of 51.3 nano seconds, while Corsair XMS3-DHX is at 51.5 ns, OCZ AMD Platinum Edition 51.5 ns, and the fastest Kingston HyperX which is at 49.6 ns(all memory modules are at 9-9-9-24 except for Kingston which is at 9-9-9-27 and all are the same with 1.8 volts). In here, the lower the nano seconds, the faster.

For the Overall 3dMark Vantage ScoresPatriot G-series scored highest P11713, Corsair XMS3-DHX-P11699, OCZ AMD Platinum Edition-P11716, and Kingston HyperX-P11684.

For the Write Results at (Megabytes/seconds): Patriot G-series - 6804 MB/sCorsair XMS3-DHX - 6806 MB/sOCZ AMD Platinum Edition - 6780 MB/s, and Kingston HyperX - 6804 MB/s.

The totality of this RAM is not bad. Considering the latest pricing as of the date of this article is at $109.99 at Newegg. Here's the link:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tweak your windows Vista using TweakVI

Hi everyone, TweakVI is a third party application allows you to tweak your windows vista in many ways you want it to be. Like disabling the UAC, getting the shortcut arrows on your desktop icons and many more. Although there are limitations on this basic application, but for sure, you get the very decent tweaks you need for your Windows Vista. It's easy to use and straight forward. I'm posting the link for you guys. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are you tired of the UAC popups in Windows Vista?

If you are tired of the User Account Control popups in Windows vista, then it is time for you to disable it. You can do so by running the system configuration utility or the MSCONFIG. So here's how you do it.

First, go to the start menu, from the start menu, key in msconfig the search box or command line. Then hit enter.
Now, when the tool runs, click the Tools tab and scroll down until you see Disable UAC.
Then, highlight it and click the Launch button, then reboot or restart your pc.

If you want to turn it on again, just follow the steps above and select Enable UAC.

I hope you enjoyed this little tweak. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The ATI Radeon 5870 release...

Since the release of the 5800 series, there are a lot of questions regarding what CPU case will support such card. To give you a brief idea, this card's length is 11" long. That's right! And if you don't have a space that's enough for that card, well then, the ATI radeon 5850 fits you.

There are suggestions that PcWizKid gave regarding the CPU case that will support such card. Here are the cases that you can purchase for that card.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free up unused files in your computer!

There might be a lot of temporary files already stored in your system. To free up this unused files, I recommend CCleaner. It is a third party application that cleans temporary files in the registry that you are not going to use, it also cleans up your online history thus freeing up valuable hard disk space. Hence, your system (Windows) will run faster.

Here's the link for you to download the latest version as of today:

Now, there are a lot of neat settings you can do with this software depending on your preference. At this point, I will teach you how to properly configure it (depends on your preference).

For my preference, as you open the application, you will see under the windows tab, advanced.
Under advanced are unchecked options (default). As for me, I checked everything except Windows Size/Location Cache and Wipe Free Space.

I only check Wipe Free Space during maintenance. And I check off, Windows Size/Location Cache since I set up my browser to my preference and this option will revert the settings back to default.

How to use it:

  • Just select Analyze. Wait for it to finish the analysis.
  • After analyzing, select Run Cleaner
  • Under Cleaner, you will see a tab that says Registry.
  • Select on it. 
  • Then, select Scan for Issues.
  • After it is done scanning, if it has issues, then select Fix selected issues...
  • Then, it will prompt you to back up changes to the registry.
  • Select No.
  • Then, select Fix issue or Fix all issues. Then select Close.
  • When it's done, go back to the 5th bullet until there are no more issues!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to overclock your CPU?

Want to overclock your CPU to its optimum performance?
If your answer is yes, then this segment will probably help you...

Now, before you're going to overclock the CPU, just make sure your system is built for overclocking.
Let's say, you have the right power supply, CPU cooler (third party coolers, or water cooling system), motherboard ready for clocking, RAM with a heat spreader is recommended, and a case with good airflow. Then i'm posting this link for you to watch, this is a video made by one of the Most Valuable Professionals in the field of computers...

or, if you're using an AMD processor you can use this third party overclocking tool, just make sure that you are quite acquainted with the proper way to overclock by reading the link above... It is for free from AMD, so no worries. Again, just  make sure your system is ready for overclocking. I'm posting this link for you guys to get the AMD overdrive.