Friday, September 18, 2009

Want to tweak your Palit graphics card? (Vtune and VDOTool)

If you are tired of the default settings of your graphics cards from palit, they provided a third party software that allows you to tweak your card hassle free. There are two of them, any of the two may do.

It's the Vtune and the VDOTool, once you've installed it, just right click on your desktop and from there, at the uppermost portion of the options, you will see either the Vtune or the VDOTool tab depending on what you've installed.

Then, just select it and from there, you choose the option performance, there you can see sliders just increase the sliders by 5-10 and then try each settings.
You will know you've reach the maximum performance of your card because it automatically hinders you to tweak it some more by displaying lines or requesting you to reboot your pc. Then most importantly, don't forget the fan settings.
Once you are in there, manually adjust the fan speed at 90-95%, then you're good.

And hey guys don't worry, the software is for free. If you guys want to get it, I posted the link below...