Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tweak #3

I know it's been a while guys.. But I'm glad to be back for more tips, tricks, tweaks and reviews. For our tweak #3:
Rule: Disregard the quotations ( "" )

  • Go to the search field and key in "turn off features" and hit ENTER.
  • Once a pop up screen appears, there you will be seeing different options that are checked and unchecked.
  • Now, what you are going to do is to uncheck those features that you are not going to use. I have unchecked some of the feats that I'm not using, and I did not experience any problems, what so ever.
  • For reference, here's a screenshot of my settings:
  • Note: If your're not sure, leave it as is...

I hope you enjoyed this... and tune in for more. Thanks guys!

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